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In 2003 the Norfolk County Registry of Deeds began offering internet-accessible document record research.  The service offers both Free Access and Subscription (Log in) options.  The difference is that the Log-in option requires an annual subscription and is required for printing of scanned images.

Subscription access is required for printing scanned images.  The fee structure for subscribers is a $100 annual subscription fee and $1 per page for print images. Subscribers make payments, in $100 increments, into prepaid accounts, and the system tracks printing charges against those account balances.  So, the initial setup cost would be $200, $100 for the annual fee and $100 to fund the account.  For the Application and Service Agreement, click here    If you have additional account related questions call 781-461-6116.
Please note that users should expect that the system is generally not available between midnight and 3 AM weekdays and between midnight on Friday until the afternoon on Saturday. Sometimes it will be unavailable for longer periods on weekends. Please check REGISTRY NEWS for updates.
The following is intended to provide general information which may be helpful to those who want to use our site to research the records. For a detailed guide to researching our records please click the link at the bottom of this page.  
 Recorded Land (Registry)  Records
The Registry land records include index information and document images from 1900 forward, and all plan images. This constitutes approximately 97% of all index entries. Images back to the founding of Norfolk County in 1793 are available for online viewing using a Book & Page reference. In addition, scanned records of the index itself are available for earlier years. 
 (Please note that prior to Book 525 (1881) each numbered “page” is a two sided folio sheet. Because the computer index treats the image of each side as a separate page, the computer page number will generally be one less than twice the page number in the printed volume.)
 Registered Land (Land Court) Records
The Registry also contains a Land Court District that has records dating back to 1900. The Land Court has about 20% of the property in Norfolk County. If you can’t find any information in the Registry records, then you can check the Land Court. Each parcel has a Certificate of Title number, and the Certificate will list any document that affects the property. The best way to search Land Court is to enter the owner’s name in the search boxes and restrict the search to deeds. The abstract of the deed will give you the owner’s certificate of title number, and you can click on the number to get the listing. See the detailed guide for more information on how to search in Land Court.
Registry Plans
To search for plans you can use the plan index which has categories for Plan Book and Page, Deed Book and Page, Plan Number and Year, Street Name, Owner’s Name, and Surveyor.
Land Court Plans
Land Court Plans filed with Certificates of Title are to be found under Land Court Plans using the plan number. Plans filed with documents are in the Registry Plan Section using LC for the Book and the document number for the page.
County Engineering Plans
We have partnered with the Norfolk County Engineering Department to make available some of the other county records maintained by the Engineers and the Norfolk County Commissioners. If you have any questions concerning this information please contact the Norfolk county engineers at 781-461-6128.
To use the county indexes as entered by the county engineering department requires either some knowledge of the County Commissioners’ records or some specific information that you would like to research. The records may be searched by using the designated prefixes*, but you need to know the book and page number that corresponds to the prefix. Most people do not have access to the Commissioners' records, although they are available at the Norfolk County Engineering Office. Since it appears that some of these references were newly created as the plans were entered, using the book and page category is not the ideal way to search. The best way to search is to use the name index.
You may search by street name, the name of the party for whom the plan was prepared, the name of the party who signed the plan, or by the name of the city, town or Norfolk County. You can segregate your search by town and date when you put in a name and the results can be pared down by the prefixes depending on whether you want a highway, a bridge, or a railroad crossing. Most of the railroad information will be found under the name of the railroad. Unfortunately, many of these railroad companies have disappeared as viable entities, thus you really need to know what you are looking for in these searches.
*The following prefix codes are used when searching County Engineering records include the following:
County Bridges CBR
Count Highways CHW    more…..
County Turnpikes CTP
County Railroad Crossings CRC
County Railroad locations CRR
This is not a complete description of all the information that is available at the Registry or on County Plans. You are welcome to visit us here at the Registry for assistance in your research needs or call the Norfolk Registry of Deeds Customer Service Department at 781-461-6101 or the Norfolk County Engineering Department at 781-461-6128.
Advanced Research Guide - to access our Detailed Guide click here




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