Register O’Donnell’s “Suits for Success” Program Donates to The Bureau Drawer

Quincy, MA – Norfolk County Register of Deeds William P. O’Donnell donated a car load of smart casual clothing and business attire totaling more than 100 articles of clothing to Interfaith Social Services’ the Bureau Drawer thrift shop in Quincy through the “Suits for Success” program.

For many people, it is common to have a section in their closet that is reserved for seldom-used clothes. Some may have updated their wardrobe or are working from home and no longer use the same amount of business attire. These seldom-used clothes can find a new purpose and have a dynamic impact on someone’s life. They can be provided for free to those in need, sold at a lower price for individuals on a budget, or used to raise money for community aid projects.

“It makes me feel great to know that these donations have come in from people all across Norfolk County, if it weren’t for the donners, we would be out of business,” said Charlene Manning, the Mannager of the Bureau Drawer thrift shop. “We really do appreciate them; they are our bread and butter.”

With the support of the local community, the Bureau Drawer has been providing quality clothing and household goods to those in need Since 1975. In addition, the Interfaith Social Services Career Closet provides free business attire to individuals with job interviews, internships, or those returning to the workplace who need formal clothing but may not have the funds available.

Register O’Donnell remarked, “We’re happy to assist Interfaith Social Services, the Bureau Drawer. I thank all those who donated to our ‘Suits for Success’ program, and I hope other local residents and businesses will consider making a clothing donation. The program is truly needed, and it’s a great resource for the community.”

Interfaith Social Services mission is to provide South Shore residents with the resources necessary to support a healthy and fulfilling life. They focus on alleviating hunger, providing mental health counseling, preventing homelessness, and bringing joy to children.

“The majority of people working here are volunteers; we could not operate without their support; they are awesome and top-notch,” said Manning.

All the proceeds from the Bureau Drawer go to the food pantry, mental health counseling, homelessness prevention, and backpacks filled with supplies for children. In 2022, Interfaith Social Services distributed 1,092,815 pounds of food to families in need.

“Since the start of COVID, we have seen an increase in the number of individuals seeking food assistance,” said Eileen Kelly, Interfaith Social Services Food Pantry Manager. We are helping to provide supplementary food support to over 10,000 households annually and see between 50 and 60 households a day.”

Since the Registry started the “Suits for Success” program in February 2009, it has collected more than 10,000 articles of clothing.

“Programs like Interfaith Social Services Career Closet and our own “Suits for Success” have given many people a valuable resource to help them on the path to success,” said O’Donnell. “These programs not only provide appropriate attire for interviews, but they also help boost confidence and increase the chances of an individual securing an employment opportunity.”

The “Suits for Success” program, developed by Register O’Donnell, partners with groups like Interfaith Social Services of Quincy, Father Bill’s & MainSpring of Quincy, the Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System Voluntary Service Program, Circle of Hope in Needham, United Parish’s Thrifty Threads, Suits and Smiles in Jamaica Plain, and InnerCity Weightlifting on our ‘Suits for Success’ program to assist those who are in need of clothing as well as household items. The mission of “Suits for Success” is to collect donations of suitable clothing to be distributed to individuals who may need appropriate attire for employment interviews.

“I am proud that the “Suits for Success” program and its partnership with numerous local community support organizations have been able to provide support for so many,” said O’Donnell. “It is rewarding just to help others in our community who are less fortunate.”

The Bureau Drawer thrift shop is located at 105 Adams Street in Quincy and is open Monday 12:30 PM—3:30 PM, Tuesday 12:30 PM—7:00PM, and Wednesday through Friday 12:30 PM—3:30 PM.

The Norfolk County Registry of Deeds will be closed on Thursday, July 4th in celebration of Independence Day. We are open Friday, July 5th.

The Norfolk County Registry of Deeds is closed Today, July 4th in celebration of Independence Day. We are open Friday, July 5th.