Recorded Land Document Checklist

    Required Information and Completeness

  1. All documents must have the property address stated on the first page.
  2. Deeds and mortgages must reference the Book and page of the deed associated with the property. For deeds, the amount of consideration must be stated in the document.
  3. Grantees and Assignees: the address of the Grantee (or assignee) shall be set forth in the document.
  4. Releases and Discharges: include the book and page number of the affected mortgage or lien document.

  5. Payment and Document Return Requirements

  6. Return name and address must be placed on each document (front or back).
  7. Separate checks are required for recording fees and excise stamps.
  8. Document recording fees must be in exact amount. No change will be given.
  9. Only attorney's and approved checks will be accepted for excise stamp payment.

  10. Margins and Typeface

  11. Document Margin Requirements: Top: 2 inches, Bottom: .75 inches, Sides: 1 inch each.
  12. Print size on all documents shall be not less than 10 Point Roman Times.

  13. Note Regarding Registered Land

  14. Registered land documents are to be filed in the Land Court and have some requirements that are different from recorded land. If a document is required to be filed with respect to both recorded and registered land, it should be filed in the Land Court first.